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Are you sick of being sick? Tired of being tired? Unsure what you need to do to get on top of your life again? At Spine Align we guide people to achieving ultimate health and happiness – naturally. We offer great advice to get you back on track with your diet, health and your life.

Our highly trained Naturopaths aim to educate, empower and motivate you to assume more personal responsibility for your health by adopting a healthy attitude, lifestyle and diet. They treat the cause of your problem, rather than the effect to keep your health at an optimum, to prevent sickness and increase energy and vitality.

An initial appointment with our Naturopaths will take between 1-1.5 hours in which your medical history and general lifestyle will be reviewed in order to determine a naturopathic treatment regimen suited to your individual needs. Diagnostic procedures such as physical exams, blood and urine analysis may be required in order to establish a treatment and health-promoting program.

Some of the more frequent problems our Naturopaths see: