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Many people wait until they are already in pain or suffering spinal injuries before turning to massage, but why let it get that bad? It is a good idea to have regular massage as a preventative measure so that such injuries do not occur. Regular massage maintenance will increase your overall sense of wellbeing for optimum physical and mental health, helping you to achieve your goals.

Our professionally trained Remedial Massage Therapists will help soothe your pain away, help mental relaxation and relieve symptoms of back and neck pain that comes from sitting for long periods at a desk, sports injuries or soreness from physical labour and other daily life activities. Often, our other Spine Align health professionals will prescribe this kind of treatment necessary to complement the treatment modality they have designed for you.

Some of the many disorders our patients have Massage for include:

  1. Muscular tension
  2. Headaches and migraines
  3. Work related stress
  4. Repetitive strain injury
  5. Depression
  6. Arthritis
  7. Eating disorders and digestive dysfunction
  8. Pre-natal pregnancy conditions
  9. Frozen shoulder
  10. Whiplash
  11. Sports injuries