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Marissa-NikolakakosHi. My name is Marissa Nikolakakos.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology from the University of South Australia and Advanced Diploma’s of Naturopathy, Nutrition and Western Herbal Medicine from the AIAS.

I have been in the Medical, Science and Health industry for nearly 10 years beginning as a qualified Scientist working with GP’s in a hospital setting. During this time I developed a personal desire and passion to help and guide patients to lifestyle changes more in an individual consultation setting. I love working with adults, families and children from all walks of life to help them understand what foods may be beneficial and what foods may be harmful.

Naturopathic Medicine is a practice of preventing, assessing and treating conditions of the human mind and body. My aim is to find the underlying cause of these conditions and support & balance the body’s systems so it can repair itself. By integrating my health sciences with a range of other natural therapies and traditional medicines I aim to treat the mental, emotional and physical states for optimal health and wellness.

Most traditional diet and eating plans are aimed at suppressing the individual’s symptoms or solely on avoiding the foods that commonly give rise to adverse problems. I integrate the ‘Bio-Compatibility System’ approach in my practice which is not merely about eliminating foods or products that cause conditions, but about including those foods and products that are compatible for you. I provide you with a unique list of biocompatible foods that are RIGHT for you and restore your body’s ability to repair itself.

An initial consultation with me will educate and encourage you with recommended dietary and lifestyle changes and nutritional and herbal support if necessary. To get to this point, your first consultation will involve a detailed health questionnaire and and a thorough history taken. I use other diagnostic procedures such as examining your tongue, nails and skin and in house testing procedures if required, such as Bio-impedence analysis, to assess cellular function and ageing. Other services I am proficient in include Hair Mineral analysis (which can be screened for heavy metal toxicity), Urine pH (for acid/alkaline testing), Iridology and Zinc toxicity testing.

Another service I am expert in is ‘Body Composition Analysis’. This assessment will accurately measure your body fat levels, cellular health, energy production, muscle mass and other important parameters. This program allows me to effectively assist patients in managing weight problems, increase muscle tone, improve energy levels, healthy aging and to support the nutrition and health of the body.

In my spare time I love to play community netball, dancing and teaming up with my husband creating fresh and exciting healthy recipes.

Find out today which foods are making you SICK and which foods you CAN EAT!

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