Flexibility and Rehabilitation Exercises for the Neck

Feb 1 2016

We have placed here a copy of the exercise handout we use within the practice for rehabilitation of the neck and the upper back region for your easy reference. Please ensure you consult with your practitioner before commencing these exercises and always perform them only within your limits of discomfort.

These exercises should be done slowly and controlled for at least 3 times per day. Only move to the point of mild discomfort when stretching. Never stretch beyond your pain tolerance. Hold each stretch for 20 seconds, relax, and then move into the stretch a little further for 5-10 seconds.

1. Interlock your fingers together and place them on the back of your head. Bring your elbows closer together. Bend your head and neck forward and pull down slowly and gently with both hands to increase the stretch at the back of your neck. Maintain good posture throughout.

2. With your mouth closed and your teeth clamped softly together, gently and slowly extend your neck backwards to look up at the ceiling and hold the end position. Maintain good posture throughout.

3. With your left arm across your body and hand gently pressing down on your right shoulder, tilt your head to the left and hold the stretch. Look straight ahead. Repeat by tilting your head to the right with your right hand gently pressing down on your left shoulder.

4. Sit up straight, look ahead and turn your head as far as it will go to the left side and hold the stretch. Repeat this to the right side.

5. Interlock your fingers and place them on your chest. Rest your elbows down. Rotate both shoulders in one direction. Repeat several times and then rotate your shoulders in the opposite direction. Repeat this several times for about 30 seconds.

6. With your fingers still interlocked turn your palms outward, straighten your arms and then lift them both above your head. Reach up as high as you can. The palms should be facing the ceiling.

7. Whilst sitting with good posture, slowly protract your head forward by jutting your chin forward. Then slowly retract your chin backwards so as to create a ‘double chin’. Repeat this action 10 times

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