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Clinical nutrition takes a multifaceted approach to disease prevention and management. A ‘treat the whole person’ method is taken when assessing an individuals nutritional deficiencies, dietary intake and lifestyle. With a comprehensive understanding of nutritional biochemistry, metabolic pathways and the latest scientific research our clinical nutritionist will tailor-make a programme to bring your body back in balance and feeling great.

Your nutritional programme may incorporate such things as meal plans, recipes, physical activities and lifestyle advice. Nutritional supplementation may be incorporated into your plan to help kick start the body’s natural healing ability, improving energy and vitality.

Initial consultations are very thorough. Detailed information about food choices, dietary intake, lifestyle, health history, exercise and presenting symptoms is gathered to formulate the most effective treatment programme for each individual. Education and support is an essential part of the process to ensure sustainable results are achieved and your health and wellbeing is at an optimum.

Some of the more frequent problems our Nutritionists manage: