Spring out of your winter slump!

Aug 14 2017

With winter’s icy chill seeping under our doors and into our bones we find ourselves becoming very sedentary. Yearning for the warmth of our homes, seeking comfort in eating, a nice glass of red and relaxing on the couch. Winter hibernation can take its toll on our immune system and our mental health, leaving us vulnerable to colds and flus, feeling lethargic, irritable and unmotivated. If this sounds like you then it’s time to…


“Spring out of your winter slump!”

Diana Krisanski, our dedicated Clinical Nutritionist, can tailor make a plan for you that will assist in boosting your immune system, mood, motivation and overall wellbeing. Getting you healthier in readiness for Spring.

For all new clients, pay only the standard consultation rate of $70 saving you $25! Diana is registered with many private health insurance providers if included in your policy.


Good health is the greatest blessing of life.


Book a time online here or call us on 7225 1007.

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